Administration and Due Care

Administration and Due Care: As a member of M Financial, our collective commitment to administration, due care, and inforce management for pricing enhancements is well known in the industry.* For each client we provide administrative services to assist your advisors in maintaining records and compliance with regulations and tax requirements. Large life insurance policy portfolios require a special set of disciplined monitoring, tracking, and ongoing reports. Integrated reporting is even more important when premiums are due at different times during the year. We customize our reporting systems to meet your particular circumstances and needs. We routinely review your entire insurance portfolio to help identify newly developing areas of concern or opportunities for improvement.

*Policy portfolio performance and cost should be measured over the life of the policy – not with an initial illustration or first year premium. Independent audited records of our experience pool and continued improvements in inforce policy performance reflect the results of our oversight of segregated pools, extraordinary mortality, persistency, premium volume, and high average face amounts.