Retirement & Insurance Resources has established affiliations with other professional organizations. Together we deliver valuable services that compliment our core competencies such as analytic tools, comprehensive administrative services, proprietary products and resources.

M BENEFIT SOLUTIONSFor over 30 years, M Benefit Solutions has been designing innovative Executive Benefit Plans customized to address the specific needs and complement the unique cultures of leading corporations across the country. Their expertise and comprehensive work product address all facets of non-qualified executive benefit plans, including design, financing, securitization, implementation and administration for a wide variety of executive and director benefit programs.

VERALYTIC: Veralytic is a leading innovator in life insurance analytics. The Veralytic Report is the only patented, objective and transparent evaluation of suitability for life insurance policies.

CRUMMEY is a web-based solution to the administrative problems of Crummey trusts. It automatically sends gift and premium payment reminders, creates Crummey notices informing beneficiaries of their withdrawal rights, records acknowledgement of the notices and sends copies to trustees, grantors, fiduciaries and advisors to the trust. It relieves the attorney and trustee of tedious hard copy storage and administration.

PENSION PLANNERS: Pension Planners is a third party administration firm located in Naples, Florida, providing consulting, recordkeeping, actuarial and administrative services for profit sharing plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, defined benefit plans and cash balance plans. Since 1983, they have been helping sole proprietors, small business owners, and non profit organizations design retirement plans to meet their current financial needs with the flexibility to accommodate their ever-changing goals.

ADVISORS TRUST: Advisors Trust Planning & Investment Company is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Naples, Florida. They offer value-based wealth management and exclusive one-of-a-kind financial solutions and expertise for high income individuals, corporate executives, health care providers and large corporations.