Our Process

Our Multi-Life Insurance Services

Plan Design: Carve-Out plans and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans are designed to attract, retain, reward and motivate an organization’s top income earners. Solutions are provided to help overcome the reverse discrimination inherent in traditional benefit plans. Our process thoroughly examines the organization’s current benefits and objectives and seeks the ideal plan to most effectively achieve your goals.

Product Evaluation and Selection: Since 1978 M Financial has served the needs of corporations and successful individuals. Through our membership in M Financial, and our collective privately owned reinsurance company, proprietary one-of-a-kind life insurance product offerings take advantage of exclusive M Financial mortality rates.

Participant Communications and Education: Participants are busy professionals and executives. Adequately communicating plan benefits has never been more important. The best designed plan is of little value if terms and provisions are not communicated to those eligible to participate. We offer a range of multi-media: webcasts, emails, communication packages, and individual counseling to reach all participants.

Plan Administration: Carve-Out Plans and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans provide a variety of benefits to an organization’s senior executives and professionals. Our specialists administer, and our online resources provide plan and policy information.